Yummy 3 Egg Omelette – Clean, Paleo

3 Egg Tomato Basil Capsicum Omelette


3 Whole Eggs

4 Cherry Tomatoes

Handful Fresh Basil

50g Zucchini – thinly sliced

30g Red Capsicum – thinly sliced

2 thin slices of Red onion

handful Spinach or rocket leaves


- Fry all ingredients except eggs and basil in a metal handled pan with a thin slice of organic real butter

- Break Eggs into bowl/container

- add pinch of ground grey celtic sea salt or pink Himalayan/Murray river salt into egg mix

- crush 1 clove garlic into egg mix

- beat egg mix

- pour egg mix over veggies

- cook for 2 mins then sprinkle the basil on top

- transfer pan to grill and cook until golden brown

- slide on to plate and add a handful of rocket or spinach leaves

- EAT!

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