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ANB Natural Mania Physique Championships 2012

Wow! what a workout!! and that was just my camera! On Saturday was the ANB Natural Mania Physique championships at La Trobe University in Bundoora  - my first ANB Show! Obviously I would have preferred my first show to be … Continue reading

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Following your dreams

I soo need an ipad – when I need to write, I NEED to write.. and its been a long time since I last wrote anything (well…for me that is!) anyway today I just felt the need to write, when … Continue reading

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Filex Sydney 2012 (v2)

Yes it is version 2. I almost never get to version 2 of any blog post I write – I generally sit down and write whenever the idea appears, as it is, in the moment, and I post. If for … Continue reading

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My Competition Diet

Now that I’ve calmed down a bit, having said how easy I found it to get lean for comp, I thought it might be a good idea to put up my exact diet as a guideline  - I’ll add the big … Continue reading

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Yummy 3 Egg Omelette – Clean, Paleo

Ingredients: 3 Whole Eggs 4 Cherry Tomatoes Handful Fresh Basil 50g Zucchini – thinly sliced 30g Red Capsicum – thinly sliced 2 thin slices of Red onion handful Spinach or rocket leaves Method: – Fry all ingredients except eggs and … Continue reading

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Mission Impossible?

For those of you who were at Filex – did you learn lots? Is your brain fried? Or are you fired up with lots of new ideas and great information? How hard was it to choose what lectures to attend … Continue reading

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Quacks, Hacks and Misinformation: How to Avoid Screwing up your health

Ok I’m pissed off today, in fact I’m livid. Lets look at what has made steam pour out of my ears. ‘Try eating white fish for a few weeks…just to see how you go’ ‘Only eat 30g of greens per … Continue reading

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I think therefore I am…I write therefore it will be

I’ve been tucked up in bed all day Friday, yesterday and today – resting. Probably not how I’d usually spend Easter, but nevertheless I’m probably doing the right thing. A bit of quality down time with me, myself and I. It might … Continue reading

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Training Tip #1: Do not Kill your trainer

If you want to train for and win a figure competition, or be pushed hard during your training sessions, or rehab properly post surgery or if you simply want a training session with your trainer next week… Do not kill … Continue reading

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After the last 4 weeks of hypertrophy (got the terms down pat now!) today we switched my training to strength mode. So what does that mean? it means HEAVY!! I really had to put some effort into it! not that … Continue reading

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